My Story

Like a lot of people, I first developed a regular yoga practice in my mid-twenties because I had a problem that I wanted to solve. At the time, I was feeling particularly disconnected and disenchanted as I was going through a lot of daily anxiety,  frequent migraines, and the effects of living with interstitial cystitis. I had tried yoga many times in the past since the age of 16, but when I came to the mat once again – this time in need of developing a kinder and more accepting relationship with myself - I soon found a new sense of home.

This love affair continued to grow and I eventually decided to take a yoga teacher training to delve deeper into the nuances of the practice. Since that time, I have trained with a number of highly respected teachers in a variety of styles, including Hatha-Vinyasa, Yin, and Yoga Nidra. I now focus the majority of my teaching on the introspective and nourishing practices of Yin Yoga, slow Hatha, and meditation as they have had such profound influences on my own life.

Yoga is a deeply personal and revealing practice that awakens us to the beauty and complexities of who we are. My style of teaching weaves together both practical information and heartfelt thematic guidance while holding space for each practitioner to honour their own experience, moment to moment. It's my desire to share yoga and meditation not only as things we do on a mat or cushion, but as vehicles to live a life of compassion, engagement, and clarity.

I live and teach in Vancouver, BC.


In a society that values being busy, successful, and competitive, I choose to slow down. I choose to set boundaries and commit to nurturing my sense of well-being. I choose to live life with an open heart, a curious mind, and the knowledge that I am enough. Won’t you join me?
— current thoughts...

Training & education

  • 50 HR Yin Yoga

with Bernie Clark and Diana Batts

  • 30 HR Yin yoga

with Kassandra Reinhardt

  • 25 HR Yoga nidra

with Steve Fazzari

  • 240 HR Teacher Training

with Rebekka Walker, Sjanie McInnis, Chantal Russell, Trisha Wilson, and more

  • 300 HR Advanced Teacher Training

with Rebekka Walker, Sjanie McInnis, Chantal Russell, Trisha Wilson