Through my teens and early twenties, I had a fickle relationship with yoga. I would feel the urge to practice for a short time, but eventually would move on to something else and resolve that yoga was "just not for me." It was a cycle that came around every once in a while and then faded into the background again, for a number of years. As time moved on and my struggles with chronic anxiety, migraines, and other health issues deepened, I knew that I needed to find a more holistic way to rebuild my relationship with myself. After feeling at a loss and not knowing where to turn, yoga beckoned my name once again, and I followed even more curiously than before. This time it stuck. Yoga came to me at the time when I needed it most and when I was truly ready to receive its teachings. Through consistent and dedicated practice I discovered that there are ways that I can always come back home to myself and choose love, again and again. After experiencing how positively my practice was impacting my daily life, and seeking to balance a hectic and physically demanding job in the film industry, I decided to pursue the path of teaching.

Through yoga I learn resiliency and honest self-compassion. My relationship with yoga insprires a deep and resounding YES to life and an ongoing exploration of the interconnectedness of it all. It teaches me to accept both the shadow and the light because that is the path to true understanding; to follow the process and show up each day as the most authentic expression of myself. It’s through all of this that lasting and sincere connection is built. To me, connection - with ourselves, each other, and our world - is truly the heart of it all.

I teaches hatha/vinyasa yoga with an emphasis on alignment, exploration, reverence, and wholehearted connection. I am passionate about holding space for practitioners to develop sustainable practices, and their own individual paths of connection and discovery. My classes also include a strong focus on self-love and resiliency.

I am a 500 hour certified teacher with the Canadian Yoga Alliance (CYA-RYT 500). I received my training from the Vancouver School of Healing Arts (formerly the Vancouver School of Yoga) under the wisdom and guidance of Rebekka Walker, Trisha Wilson, Sjanie McInnis, Chantal Russell, and a number of other incredible educators.

I also work on costumes as a textile artist in the film industry. In this role I get to experiment with colours, dyes, paints, and all kinds of different processes and applications. It brings me great joy to express myself through art and hands-on techniques (weaving, knitting, printmaking, embroidering, among many other things,) to practice self-care, write, hike, spend time with my loved ones, connect with the moon, and laugh - a lot!


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