Online Private Yoga Classes


Private 1:1 Sessions Online via Zoom

Yoga is about meeting yourself where you’re at and developing skills to help you thrive. It’s an empowering personal tool to support you throughout any phase in life, and can be a path to finding deep sacred connections to yourself and others.

Your yoga should be as unique as you are. Through this one-to-one online program, we will work together to build an accessible yoga practice that supports your own unique body, mind, and life in a way that leaves you feeling nourished, balanced, and connected.

Our time together will be focused on co-creating an experience that meets your own individual needs. We will explore a customized yoga practice that draws influence from:

  • a functional approach to alignment

  • mobility and strengthening work

  • yin, hatha, chair, gentle, and restorative yoga

  • mindfulness practices

  • meditation

Practice with Katie live in the comfort of your own home through the magic of two-way video! We will meet through the Zoom app to practice together.


  • haven’t felt comfortable attending a group class

  • experience limited mobility or are recovering from injury

  • don’t have time to fit group classes into your busy schedule

  • are seeking a more accessible approach to yoga

  • are looking to explore yoga and meditation in an inclusive environment




Generally, we will meet once (or more) per week for an ongoing length of time (see package details below). Single sessions can also be booked.


One session (75 minutes) - $105 + GST

Five sessions (75 minutes) - $500 + GST ($100 per session)

Ten sessions (75 minutes) - $950 + GST ($95 per session)

Let’s Chat!

Contact Katie to set up a complimentary phone consultation to find out if this program is a good fit.

Before our first class, we will meet online (via Zoom) for a complimentary consultation to discuss what our time together will look like. This is also an opportunity to plan the screen and yoga mat (or chair) set-up for our video lessons, check internet and sound connections, etc. From there we will schedule your private yoga sessions. 

What you will need for class:

  • a computer, tablet, or phone with a good internet connection, audio/video capability, and microphone.

  • a space to set up your yoga mat (or chair), preferably free from distractions. Your camera will have to be a few feet away from your mat so I can see your whole body while you are standing.

  • Any props you have - blocks, bolster, strap, cushions, blanket, chair, etc. If you don’t have specific yoga props, we can usually find some things around the house that will work just as well.

  • A free Zoom account!