Katie’s ability to hold space, body inclusive cuing and conscious teachings are things I have found hard to come by in the many yoga classes I’ve taken, yet Katie seems to offer them with ease. The classes she teaches are extremely accessible, non judgmental and a safe space to explore your own body through breath and movement no matter your level of yoga experience.

Katie’s “Heartfelt Hatha Flow” classes have been some of the first where I have left feeling completely comfortable within my Self and within my practice. It’s obvious that she has a passion for the body, yogic philosophy and the human experience. She’s also super funny and lovely which makes chair pose a little more enjoyable!
— Laura
In the last year or so my practice, without intention, slid to the back burner while life became rather busy with an intense program as I began transitioning to a new career. After many years of having a consistent yoga practice, this hiatus left me missing something integral in my life.

When I came back to the mat I found myself guided in a most authentic way by Katie. Her dedication, knowledge and warm energy made me feel as though I’d never stepped away. I truly appreciate the sweet way in which she guides her class with focus and consistency. I was instantly impressed with her outlook and genuine honesty which helped me feel so comfortable and at ease under her guidance.

I would recommend anyone, new to yoga or well practised, to take a class with Katie; you will feel right at home in her presence
— Allison
I have experienced Katie’s teaching many times and have always felt her to be an authentic and empathetic teacher giving clear instructions with good attention to detail. She deeply feels the great benefits that yoga offers and you can feel her enthusiasm to share them. As well as being a great yoga teacher, she is also a very warm and friendly person.
— Pamela