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Yin Season: A Summer Solstice Practice

Friday June 21, 7-9 PM @ Ocean and Crow

Honour the season and cultivate inner balance with an extended Yin Yoga practice. In this two hour masterclass we will dive into the wisdom and inspiration of the Summer season through the lens of Yin - a meditative, slow, and passive style of yoga that prioritizes mindfulness and longer held postures that apply mild-moderate positive stress to particular areas of the body. You will learn about how and why specific Yin Yoga postures can help support you through early to mid Summer, the time of the Fire element. You will also learn how to adapt each posture we explore to suit your body’s unique alignment.

Yin provides the opportunity to slow down and make meaningful connections with yourself, your breath, and the present moment. Join us on the longest day of the year in this celebration of inner and outer light. This experiential masterclass will begin with a short introduction to the Heart and Small Intestine meridians in the context of your yin yoga practice, followed by meditation, beginner-friendly breathwork, and an extended asana practice (physical postures.)

All levels are welcome. Props will be provided. This class will include some hands-on touch as the teacher assists with props.

Early bird: $40+tax before June 14th, $45+tax after.